WarehouseAbilities Program

Our 12-week cohort-based program is designed to assist individuals with multiple barriers to employment. Gain the skills needed to find, secure, and maintain meaningful employment. 

Employment readiness skills

Fundamental Warehouse Operations through Universal Learning Institute

Hands-on work simulation activities in a real-life warehouse setting

Warehouse-related Certifications

Supported Job Search and Job coaching opportunities

A variety of supports for those who qualify

Training and employment incentives to reward your milestones

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Info Session, Cohorts & Events

Join our team for an Information Session or Workshop; see our upcoming Cohorts’ start dates. 

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Are You Eligible?

To register and participate in the WarehouseAbilities program you must meet a few criteria. 

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Refer a Client

If you are a Community Organization or Agency, and would like to refer a client to the WarehouseAbilities program? 

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About the Program

Back in Motion has partnered with Universal Learning Institute to provide a 12-week training program designed to address the challenges of people who face multiple barriers to employment experience. WarehouseAbilities provides skills training and support to prepare individuals for sustainable employment in the high-demand warehousing sector. The program is funded by the Government of Canada, through the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement.

Program Testimonials

We are so thankful to have such amazing program members who have taken the time to share their experiences with us.

"...I am very fortunate to that I have come to know a very helpful, skilled, and supportive person like you who shed the light on the pathway I must walk on so I can rediscover myself..."

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