Warehouse Training for People Facing Multiple Barriers to Employment

Warehousing and job readiness training program designed to address employment barriers.

More Than Just Warehouse Training

Back in Motion has partnered with Universal Learning Institute to provide a 12-week training program designed to address the challenges of people who face multiple barriers to employment experience. WarehouseAbilities provides skills training and support to prepare individuals for sustainable employment in the high-demand warehousing sector.

The program is funded by the Government of Canada, through the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement.

What is included in WarehouseAbilities?

Back in Motion WarehouseAbilities Program consists of 12 weeks of training, with a combination of:

Employment readiness skills training

Fundamental Warehouse Operations training through Universal Learning Institute

Hands-on work simulation activities in a real-life warehouse setting

Warehouse-related Certifications

Supported Job Search and Job coaching opportunities

A variety of supports for those who qualify

Training and employment incentives to reward your milestones

Are you eligible for WarehouseAbilities?

Check your eligibility below. 

The WarehouseAbilities skills training and supports prepare individuals for sustainable employment in the high-demand warehousing sector.

  • Living in British Columbia
  • Can legally work in Canada
  • Unemployed or precariously employed (casual work or difficulty supporting family)
  • Self-identify with facing at least 2 barriers to employment
  • Ready, willing, and able to engage in training and employment
What are the barriers to employment?

This program is designed to support people with multiple barriers to employment. Barriers can look quite different for each person. Below are some of the barriers that could be impacting your ability to find meaningful employment:

  • Housing instability
  • Recovering from addiction
  • Prior criminal justice involvement
  • Mental health challenges
  • Lack of recent and/or Canadian work experience
  • Lack of basic employment skills
  • Limited literacy, financial literacy, or digital literacy skills
  • Limited English language skills
  • Having less than a Grade 12 education

Being a:

  • Visible Minority, recent Immigrant, Refugee
  • Young adult at Risk
  • Older Worker
  • Survivor of violence and/or abuse
  • Person with Disabilities

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WarehouseAbilities Benefits

  • Create a personalized Training Plan with your Employment Counselor to address your specific needs and goals
  • Staff will support you with any assistive technology or equipment needs, related to your unique abilities
  • Steel-toed boots will be provided for you, as well as access to warehouse and interview clothing
  • Trained Kinesiologist will provide coaching for you to work safely in a warehouse setting
  • Job coaching after hire to make sure you are successful in your warehouse job
  • Training and employment incentives are provided to those who advance along the employment spectrum

Meet Our Team

The WarehouseAbilities skills training and support team prepare individuals for sustainable employment in the high-demand warehousing sector.

Our Back in Motion WarehouseAbilities team is ethnically diverse, and includes multi-lingual professionals from around the world. Services are delivered in English only, but we have staff members that speak Portuguese, Spanish, Punjabi and Hindi, in addition to English.

Anu Baijal – MBA (HR) & MA (Counselling Psychology)

Employment Counselor & Facilitator

Meet Anu

Anu has over 12 years’ experience in Training and Development. She intends to make a difference in client’s life by applying her knowledge, expertise and compassionate demeanor. She is passionate about empowering clients with skills and behaviour, so they are employment-ready. Anu has an immense pleasure to see her clients find their dream jobs and climb the success ladder.

Anu speaks English and Hindi.

Harry Gill – BBA

Job Developer

Meet Harry

Harry is a motivated Job Developer with over 8 years’ experience, currently involved in density project which will support housing in the lower mainland. He loves his role at work, because it gives him the opportunity to meet amazing hardworking clients who are looking to re-enter the workforce.

‘Supporting clients to reach their goals is the first step to building a strong country.’

Lonnie Belfer

Program Manager

Meet Lonnie

Lonnie has over 25+ years’ experience helping people move into employment; from which, nearly 20 years was at a private post-secondary, helping individuals get the education they need to change or start new careers. Lonnie has been working with Back in Motion for over 8 years. As the program manager of WarehouseAbilities, Lonnie helps people with a variety of diverse abilities find direction through support and training. 

‘Seeing someone gain confidence to find meaningful employment always puts a smile on my face.’

Jordi Zimmer

Educator & Facilitator

Meet Jordi

Jordi Zimmer is an experienced educator and facilitator, who derives great satisfaction from collaborating with clients to nurture their skillsets ultimately and empowering them to excel in the workplace and achieve their professional goals.

‘It’s about supporting their aspirations, encouraging their growth, and creating better futures for each person one step at a time.’

Aneil Uppal

Educator & Facilitator

Meet Aneil

Aneil is a dedicated kinesiologist and job coach, who takes pride in helping clients develop healthy habits and achieve their goals. He has 20+ years’ experience leading an active lifestyle, and he implements various strategies to allow others to move, work and live safely, and with purpose.

“Small choices become actions, actions become habits and habits become our way of life.”

Flavia Pontes

Program Assistant

Meet Flavia

Flavia is our dedicated Program Assistant. She specializes in maintaining office order, ensuring clients are well-informed, and efficiently managing schedules and emails for the entire team. Committed to providing reliable support and turning administrative tasks into a smoothly operating system, Flavia is ready to collaborate in making the program run efficiently and help our clients thrive, achieving their best selves!

“Helping others achieve the best versions of themselves is a passion I will always carry with me”

Jyotipriya Das

Educator & Facilitator

Meet Jyotipriya

Jyotipriya is a motivated individual with a diverse range of interests and experiences. With a keen understanding of both corporate needs and client interests, Jyotipriya plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between Industry and Community. Known for adaptability and a penchant for learning, Jyotipriya is passionate about empowering communities through education and inclusive initiatives. Outside of work, she enjoys travelling and reading.

“Connecting the dots between industry and community isn’t just about links—it’s about creating a shared vision for progress and empowerment.”

Our Mission

Back in Motion Employment provides industry-leading, professional employment solutions, to assist people in overcoming barriers and reaching their full employment potential.

Back in Motion Employment programs provides industry-leading, professional employment solutions, to assist people in overcoming barriers and reaching their full employment potential.

Guided by our motivation to transform lives and build vibrant communities, our services address both sides of employment-related challenges: the job seeker’s need for meaningful and sustainable employment, and the labour shortage experienced by BC employers.

Recognized as leaders in customer service and satisfaction, our personable and professional staff have extensive experience supporting individuals with diverse needs to achieve employment. We are proud to serve vulnerable populations (immigrants and refugees, persons with disabilities (physical, mental, developmental, intellectual), older workers (55+), youth at risk (15-30), individuals at risk for homelessness and/or recovering from addictions.

Program Testimonials

We are so thankful to have such amazing program members who have taken the time to share their experiences with us.

"...I am very fortunate to that I have come to know a very helpful, skilled, and supportive person like you who shed the light on the pathway I must walk on so I can rediscover myself..."

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